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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Appeals

If you become ineligible for financial aid, you can file an appeal to try to reestablish your eligibility. All decisions by the Financial Aid Committee, which reviews appeals, are final. Two types of appeals are possible.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

If your eligibility ended because you failed to meet the GPA or pace of completion requirements, you can appeal based on extenuating circumstances. Such special circumstances may include a personal illness or accident, a serious illness or death in your immediate family, or other circumstances beyond your reasonable control.

To appeal, you must fill out the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form online. In addition, you should submit documentation of the extenuating circumstances to the Financial Aid office. Some examples of acceptable documentation include a letter from a doctor, attorney, social worker, or parole officer; copies of medical records; a copy of a death certificate or divorce decree; or academic records.

You must deliver the documentation to the Financial Aid office within one week of submitting your appeal. If you don’t, your appeal will be reviewed without it.

Three decisions are possible after the Financial Aid Committee reviews your appeal:

  • Denied: You are not eligible to receive financial aid at WCC. However, if you successfully complete credits in the future, you can submit another appeal and the committee may reinstate you.
  • Financial aid probation: You get one more semester of aid because it’s mathematically possible for you to meet the SAP standard at the end of the next semester. During the semester you’re on financial aid probation.
  • Financial aid academic plan: Based on your academic performance and expected enrollment, it will not be mathematically possible for you to meet the SAP standard at the end of the next semester. You must meet with an advisor or counselor to develop an academic plan. It may limit the number of credits you can take, require you to enroll in specific classes, or impose other restrictions. You must abide by the plan to keep your aid. Your aid is reinstated for the number of semesters that it takes you to meet the SAP standard.

Maximum Credit Appeal

If your eligibility ended because you’ve attempted at least 150 percent of the credit hours needed to complete your certificate or degree, you can fill out a Maximum Credit Appeal form online.

To complete the form, you must list the classes that you believe are needed to finish your program and the semester that you will take each class. Then you must meet with your academic advisor. The two of you will review and finalize your maximum credit plan.

The Financial Aid Committee will review your appeal. Two decisions are possible:

  • Denied: You are not eligible to receive financial aid at WCC.
  • Approved: You are approved to receive aid for a set number of semesters. You must abide by your maximum credit plan to continue receiving aid.

Check Your Aid

To check the status of your financial aid, log into the WCC Gateway, click on MyWCC, Financial Aid, and then click on Check Your Financial Aid Status.

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Contact Financial Aid

To contact WCC’s Financial Aid office, you can:

  • Visit the office on the second floor of the Student Center building
  • Call 734-973-3523
  • Send a fax to 734-677-5281
  • Send an email to

The office’s normal hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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