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Accounting: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I verify Expenditures and Budgets balances?
This is very important and should be done on a monthly basis. Information Services offers wonderful training sessions that are quick and painless. Visit User Support or call General Fund Accounting (734) 973-3444.

What FOAPAL string do I use for a particular grant?
Please see "Other Fund FOAPAL" on the Intranet. If you have any questions using the spreadsheet, please call the Grant Fund Accounting Accountant at (734) 973-3511

Where do I locate the budget for a Grant on Banner?
Budgets for the Grants are not on Banner. Please call the Grant Fund Accounting Accountant at (734) 973-3511.

Which account should I use for a requisition?
You should start by looking at the Org Summary Report on Oraweb or call General Fund Accounting (734) 973-3444.

Accounts Payable: Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I lose my check that has been issued through Accounts Payable?
Please call Accounts Payable at (734) 677-5230 to report your lost or stolen check.

What is my professional funds balance? To find out how to locate your Professional Development funds, download Full-Time Faculty Professional Development Funds document (PDF) or call Accounts Payable at (734) 677-5230 for assistance.

Why did I get a 1099? 1099's are issued to Independent Contractors or Vendors who have been paid to provide services or goods to Washtenaw Community College. A 1099 is an Internal Revenue Service miscellaneous income document. www.irs.gov/individuals

When are checks printed in Accounts Payable?
The Checks are printed every Thursday of each week.

Payroll: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for direct deposit?
Complete direct deposit form (available in rack on wall by Cashier Office). Place the completed form in the payroll drop box.

How do I submit my time via the web?
If your employee group is required to input positive and/or exception time via Web Time Entry, log into My WCC click Employee Services, then UltraTime for Employees. Input all positive and/or exception time on the current timesheet, then click Apply. To verify if your employee group is required to use the UltraTime system, please visit the UltraTime overview page. For step-by-step procedures on inputting hours, please refer to the UltraTime online tutorials.

How can I get a copy of W-2?
Log in to your My WCC (Web for Employees) account. Select "Employee Services/Tax Forms" and print the W2 for the tax year needed. You may request one from anyone in payroll via phone 477-8521 or e-mail: pay@wccnet.edu

How do I replace a lost, stolen or stale-dated check?
Notify the payroll office via phone 477-8521 or e-mail: pay@wccnet.edu. These problems could be avoided by choosing direct deposit.

How can I change my FEDERAL tax withholdings ?
You may change your FEDERAL W4 at My WCC (Web for Employees). This should take effect the next pay period. OR you can complete W-4 form and place in payroll drop box.
You can only change your STATE W4 by filling out the W-4 - Michigan Tax Form found on the Payroll web page and turning it in to PAYROLL.

Student Accounting: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay my tuition?
Tuition and registration fees may be paid in several ways at Washtenaw Community College. By Internet at Paying Tuition webpage. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Check. You must have your netID and your password By Mail with check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. *You must indicate Name, Student ID# and Telephone number on remittance. Mail to: Cashiers Office Washtenaw Community College P.O. BOX 1610 Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1610 In Person with Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. See Paying Tuition web page for office hours By Drop Box - located at the North side of Student Center Building 2nd floor/Cashiers Office. PLEASE **Do NOT put cash in DROP BOX** For additional information, please visit the Paying Tuition web page.

When is my payment due?
Please visit the Paying Your Tuition web page for due dates.

Can I pay for someone else's classes?
Yes, you must have their student number and the amount they owe.

Can I cash a WCC check at the Cashier's office?
No. We do not cash any checks.

Where can I cash my financial aid check?
At your personal bank or PNC (bank check is drawn on).

What are the Tuition Rates and fees?
Please see the Tuition and Fees web page.

How do I get a transcript?
Please see the Student Records web page.

Is the cashier where I get a financial aid check?
Financial Aid Checks are MAILED to students according to an assigned schedule each semester. Checks that are undeliverable by the Postal Service are returned to the Cashiers Office. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid web page.

Can the cashier tell me if I have a financial aid check?
You can check your account online by logging into your My WCC (Web for Students) account (student services/pay your tuition/Acct summary by term) This information can be requested in person by the student with his/her WCC ID.

Can I get a copy of my schedule?
Must login to My WCC (Web for Students) account. You must have your netID and password. Visit the Student Services/Financial Aid and Registration area for your schedule.

Is there an ATM on campus?
Yes, there is an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) on the first floor Student Center building, near the south entrance. Students or staff can withdraw cash when it is convenient.

Can I register for classes at the Cashier's Office? The Cashier's Office accepts payment for classes after you have registered. Please see the Registration Information in the Schedule Book or click here for online version of WCC Schedule for your best opportunity to register or call the Student Connection (734) 973-3543

What if my employer wants to pay my tuition? See third party/sponsor procedures to determine if it will be a "third party payment" or cash, check, or credit card.

Who do I talk to about my financial aid? You must contact the Financial Aid office. We only disburse the checks that have been authorized by the FINANCIAL AID OFFICE on the designated dates. You can contact them via email at Finaid@wccnet.edu or Telephone (734)973-3523.

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