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Third Party/Sponsor Procedures for Credit Courses

All billing for credit classes is available online. Students may access their billing statements by logging into “Billing and Payments”. You can print your billing statement. Please turn in company authorizations by your billing due date.

A third party sponsor is the company you or your parent is employed with or an agency that is paying for your job training. Students must submit an authorization letter on company letterhead to the Cashier’s Office at WCC. Please NOTE: Book authorizations must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office. They may be faxed to 734-677-5272. The Cashier’s Office will send daily book authorization files to the WCC bookstore during the posted semester dates after they are reviewed and entered in our system.

Book charges for third party authorizations are subject to sales tax unless the third party sponsor has submitted a “Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption (Form 3372)” with a copy of their IRS letter ruling each calendar year to the Cashier’s Office. Book authorizations must be accepted at the Cashier’s Office by noon the prior business day before going to the bookstore to purchase books. The WCC bookstore will not accept company book authorizations from students.

WCC does not accept third party authorizations after payment has been made. You will have to apply for reimbursement directly from your company. Due to the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), the following is required on the letter. (Download a sample letter).

The following items must be on all third party authorization letters submitted to Washtenaw Community College:

  • Student name.
  • Washtenaw Community College generated student identification number (example: @00001234). If you do not have a WCC student ID number, please include the last 4 digits of your social security number. Your generated ID number will be listed on your schedule after the registration process is complete.
  • Semester/Term covered.
  • Specify description (tuition, fees, books, course if required) and amount authorized.
  • Statement signed by student that authorizes specific information WCC is authorized to disclose, the purpose of disclosure, and identity of party to whom the disclosure can be made. Please note: The student must agree in writing to disclose payments from other sources if required by their employer or sponsoring agency.
  • Student signature and date.
  • Company or agency authorized signature.
  • Company or agency billing address.
    • Students may be eligible for Work In-District rates if the Employer is in Washtenaw County (see How to Apply for Work In-District Status). If your employer is physically located in Washtenaw County, it is the student’s responsibility to give Student Connection a copy of your employer authorization by the first day of the semester to qualify for discounted tuition rates. Please turn in the original to the Cashier’s Office.
    • WCC will not accept applications for tuition assistance. Applications are generally submitted to your plant education coordinator or online. Please submit the approved voucher to WCC. Please verify that it includes the student’s signature.
    • WCC will not accept authorizations that require completion of courses or based on grades.
    • If your company has restrictions and you will get reimbursed after your class is complete, please check out our student payment plan option (ePayPlan). Available by logging into “Billing and Payments” from the Paying Tuition page.

WCC will invoice all companies after the semester starts. Payments are due net 30. All scholarships and grants must go through our Financial Aid office. APPRENTICES For information about starting a new Apprenticeship program or questions about your existing program, please call Mike Griffith at 734-973-3685.

High School Dual-Enrolled You must submit a letter to the WCC Cashier’s Office from your High School stating that you qualify under the “State School Aid Act” and directions for WCC to bill the dual enrollment office at your school. The letter will be signed by your school counselor or principal and state which courses we are authorized to bill them for. This letter is in addition to the Dual Enrollee Consent Form that is also signed by your counselor or principal. (See Admissions for the Dual Enrollee Consent Form.)

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