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Student Conduct

The College expects that all members of the campus community behave respectfully toward all other members of the community. Reports of suspected student misconduct are investigated. Evidence is reviewed using a 'more likely than not' standard. Penalties given for misconduct may be reported to external organizations.

If you receive a notice about suspected misconduct, you will be asked to attend a meeting with an administrator to discuss it.

It's vital that you respond to the notice. The issue will not go away by ignoring it. Be sure that you respond by the deadline listed in the meeting notice or attend the meeting that is scheduled.

Before any meeting about suspected misconduct, you should review WCC’s Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct Code. This policy guides student misconduct procedures.

Smoke Free Policy

Smoking on the campus (using either a traditional cigarette or an alternative smoking device) is prohibited. If you receive a ticket for smoking, instructions on how to resolve the ticket will come by mail or email. The ticket will require a meeting with an administrator at the Dean of Students Office. Repeated tickets will result in suspension.

Academic Dishonesty Violations

All forms of cheating on tests or assignments are prohibited. Generally, the instructor or the academic dean will determine the penalty.

WCC is a Smoke-Free Campus

In order to promote a healthy work and learning environment, smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus.

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Academic Dates

  1. August 26 Fall Semester begins
  2. September 2 Labor Day, College closed
  3. September 3 No Credit Classes
  4. November 27 to December 1 No Credit Classes
  5. December 15 Fall Semester ends
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