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Security - Clery Act

Campus Security Authority

Washtenaw Community College strongly recommends that reports of alleged crime, incidences of behavior or conduct that violates the Washtenaw Community College Student Rights and Responsibilities, or suspicious behavior on or near WCC’s campus be reported directly to Campus Safety and Security at 734-973-3411 (or ext. 3411 from a campus telephone).

Under the Clery Act, certain College officials with specified job titles or defined job functions are designated as Campus Security Authorities. The positions listed below are recognized as Campus Security Authorities:

  • Administrator for UA Programs
  • Associate Vice President of Facilities & Operations
  • Club Sport Coaches (all)
  • Community Development Manager
  • Conference Services Manager
  • Coordinator of WCC Sports
  • Deans (all)
  • Director Access Services (Library)
  • Director Children's Center
  • Director Labor and Employee Relations
  • Director Learning Support Services
  • Director of Career Services
  • Director of Administration and Outreach
  • Director of Community Enrichment
  • Director of Extension Services
  • Director Student Development & Activities
  • Employment Services Manager
  • Evening Coordinator
  • Executive Director Economic and Community Development
  • Extension Site Coordinator
  • Extension Site Specialist
  • Lead Program Specialist in Learning Support Services
  • Logistics Director UA Programs
  • Manager of Student Resources Women's Center
  • Ombudsman
  • President
  • Program Coordinators (all)
  • Program Development Managers (all)
  • Program Managers (all)
  • Senior Director Fitness Center
  • Student Club Advisors (all)
  • Student Development & Activities Events Coordinator
  • Talent Development Managers (all)
  • Vice President for Instruction
  • Vice President of Human Resources
  • Vice President of Student and Academic Services

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