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Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offenders Registration Act, MCL 28.721 et seq., directs the Michigan State Police to develop and maintain a public registry and provides guidelines on the type of offender information available to the public. The registration requirements of the Sex Offenders Registration Act are intended to provide the people of this state with an appropriate, comprehensive, and effective means to monitor those persons who pose a potential danger.

The Michigan Public Sex Offenders Registry can be accessed at

MCL 28.725 requires offenders who are residents of Michigan to report in person and notify law enforcement immediately (defined as three business days) after the offender enrolls as a student with an institution of higher education, changes campuses, or enrollment is discontinued.

Registered Sex Offenders, upon completion of course registration, should contact either their local police or one of the law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over WCC (Michigan State Police or Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department) to report their enrollment in order to update the registry.

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