Crime Prevention and Statistics


The College will publicize the available information through the College’s authorized news publications. The College may, as appropriate, circulate flyers, contact persons directly, or use other such means to provide information to the campus community that will serve to inform them and warn them to take actions to prevent further criminal acts in a timely manner. Caution will be exercised not to reveal information that may hinder or taint an investigation or reveal the identity of the victim to the general public. The College will maintain crime prevention programs that students, staff, and visitors can use to prevent becoming victims of crime. The College urges all members of the campus community to be responsible for their own safety and to assist in the prevention of crime. The College will provide crime prevention information both online and in the Campus Safety Offices.


The Campus Security Report presents statistics for crimes reported to the Office of Campus Safety and Security during the last three years. It’s required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, a federal law that directs colleges and universities to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. Download the Annual Campus Security Report (PDF).

Also in accordance with the Clery Act, WCC maintains a Daily Crime Log. It’s available for review at the WCC Office of Campus Safety and Security, located in the parking structure, on the northeast side facing the Larry L. Whitworth Occupational Education Building. The Office is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Campus Crime Reports

File NameFile SizeLast Updated
2017-02-Campus-Crime-Report8.32 KB03/07/2017
2017-01-Campus-Crime-Report6.29 KB02/02/2017
2016-12-Campus-Crime-Report6.28 KB01/05/2017
2016-10-Campus-Crime-Report6.48 KB11/02/2016
2016-09-Campus-Crime-Report6.66 KB10/11/2016
2016-08-Campus-Crime-Report7.46 KB09/07/2016
2016-07-Campus-Crime-Report6.43 KB08/04/2016
2016-06-Campus-Crime-Report51.47 KB07/07/2016
2016-05-Campus-Crime-Report26.14 KB06/01/2016
2016-04-Campus-Crime-Report46.16 KB05/02/2016
2016-03-Campus-Crime-Report6.25 KB04/06/2016
2016-02-Campus-Crime-Report72.07 KB03/03/2016
2016-01-Campus-Crime-Report41.79 KB03/03/2016
2015-12-Campus-Crime-Report47.6 KB03/03/2016
2015-11-Campus-Crime-Report6.21 KB12/01/2015
2015-10-Campus-Crime-Report5.82 KB11/16/2015
2015-09-Campus-Crime-Report9.22 KB10/01/2015
2015-08-Campus-Crime-Report10.66 KB09/01/2015
2015-07-Campus-Crime-Report9.5 KB08/03/2015
2015-06-Campus-Crime-Report6.92 KB07/07/2015
2015-05-Campus-Crime-Report6.76 KB06/22/2015
2015-04-Campus-Crime-Report384.09 KB06/18/2015
2015-03-Campus-Crime-Report308.49 KB06/09/2015
2015-02-Campus-Crime-Report182.67 KB04/30/2015
2015-01-Campus-Crime-Report289.52 KB04/30/2015
2014-12-Campus-Crime-Report115.77 KB04/30/2015
2014-11-Campus-Crime-Report338.83 KB04/30/2015
2014-10-Campus-Crime-Report488.88 KB04/30/2015
2014-09-Campus-Crime-Report351.79 KB04/30/2015
2014-08-Campus-Crime-Report160.53 KB04/30/2015
2014-07-Campus-Crime-Report144.41 KB04/30/2015
2014-06-Campus-Crime-Report335.2 KB04/30/2015
2014-05-Campus-Crime-Report119.44 KB04/30/2015
2014-04-Campus-Crime-Report311.73 KB04/30/2015
2014-03-Campus-Crime-Report197.29 KB04/30/2015
2014-02-Campus-Crime-Report224.55 KB04/30/2015
2014-01-Campus-Crime-Report138.51 KB04/30/2015

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