Campus sites are patrolled by local law enforcement agencies. Security personnel maintain a close working relationship with those agencies and serve as the College’s liaison with them. Security personnel receive both annual and on-going training in a variety of safety and security related subjects.

The College will report criminal activity to the law enforcement agency in whose venue the act occurs. The College will annually request from each law enforcement agency data indicating criminal activity for each particular site in accordance with the Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act.

Many other services are provided to support the needs of the campus community.

Security Escort

Staff, Students and guests may request a security escort from any location on campus to any other location on campus by contacting the Office of Campus Safety and Security at extension 3411.

Lost and Found

Found items may be turned into the Campus Safety and Security Department (Front of Parking Structure 2nd Level) where they will be maintained for a period of one month. Persons may retrieve found and lost items at the same location.

Motorist Assists

Security staff will provide vehicle jump-start assistance to those who leave their lights on, etc. The Campus Safety and Security Department will assist motorists in contacting local assistance for further service needs.

Key Issuance

Faculty and Staff may pick up requested keys and access cards/FOBs from the Campus Safety and Security Department located in front of the parking structure, second level. Identification will be required. Keys may be requested by completing a FOB-Key Request Form (PDF) and access cards/FOBS may be requested by completing the Electronic Access FOB Request Form (DOCX), and then submitting it to the appropriate Dean, Director or Supervisor.

Scheduled Room Unlocks

Faculty and Staff may request that their door be unlocked and re-locked in accordance with their schedule. The request should be submitted in writing to the Campus Safety and Security Department. This service applies to rooms with traditional key door locks.

Phone Number

The Campus Safety & Security Department can be reached by calling 734-973-3411 (or extension 3411, if on campus).

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