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Grade Appeal Procedure

A student may appeal any letter grade from any course. All parties are to be notified of any action taken during the entire process. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Student discusses concerns with the course instructor.
  2. If discussing the concern with the instructor does not resolve the appeal, the student should submit a written (email, letter or online) request for a meeting to the Divisional Dean. This step must be taken within five months of the posting of the grade to the student's record.
  3. After a discussion with the student and/or the instructor, the Divisional Dean makes an initial determination regarding the basis for an appeal or that there is no basis for appeal.
  4. If the student wishes to pursue the grade appeal further, he/she should submit the appeal in writing within five days to the Vice President for Instruction with a request for a meeting and notification that he/she has already talked to the faculty member and Dean.
  5. The Vice President for Instruction may request further information and/or may meet with the student and the instructor and issues a final written decision. This step must be completed within six months of the posting of the grade to the student's record.
  6. Submit Grade Appeal Online

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