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Grading Scale

Grade What Grade Means Grade Points Per Credit Hour
A Superior 4.0
A-   3.7
B+   3.3
B Excellent 3.0
B-   2.7
C+   2.3
C Average 2.0
C-   1.7
D+   1.3
D Below Average 1.0
D-   0.7
F Failure 0
S* Satisfactory 0
U* Unsatisfactory 0
I* Incomplete; Credit Withheld 0
IX* Expired Incomplete 0
W* Withdrawal 0
AU* Audit 0
P* Pass 0
NP* No Pass 0

Note: Grades (except S, P, and AU) having 0 grade points
may be treated by other educational institutions as an 'F'.

* Explanation of Grades:

Satisfactory 'S' or Unsatisfactory 'U': 'S' and 'U' grades are generally given for courses numbered below 100. Credits for courses with 'S' or 'U' grades are not figured into credits attempted in determining a student's GPA and do not count toward graduation.

Incomplete Grade 'I' Credit Withheld: If the instructor determines that the student has nearly completed the requirements of a course but is missing a small but essential part of the course due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, the instructor may issue an 'I' grade. The 'I' grade will remain on the student's transcript until the requirements of the course are met and a letter grade given or an instructor-determined deadline has passed with a maximum of one year. The final grade will depend on the quality of the completed work and its significance to the course. After the deadline, the grade that has been preset by the instructor will be posted on the transcript if the work is not completed. The 'I' grade could become a letter grade such as B, C, D, or S and credit granted or a U, F, or IX (permanent 'I') in which case a student would need to register in the course again to receive credit. Neither the 'I' or the 'IX' grade will be figured into credits attempted or honor points earned.

Withdrawal 'W': A 'W' grade is posted to the student's permanent academic record for any course the student withdraws from after the 100% refund deadline. The 'W' grade is not figured into credits attempted in determining a student's GPA.

Audit 'AU' No Credit: A student may enroll in a credit course on a non-credit (audit) basis. The number of credits the course normally carries is not included as part of the total credit load; however, tuition is assessed by the number of credits for the course. Students may change from credit to audit status or vice versa early in the semester without the instructor's permission. Refer to the Academic Class Schedule of courses for specific dates each semester. Credit is not earned in courses taken on an audit basis.

Pass 'P'/No Pass 'NP': Pass/No Pass grades are given only in specifically-designated courses numbered 100 and above. The Pass/No Pass grades must be part of the approved course syllabus and will apply to all students in all sections of the course. Students and faculty cannot elect this grading option for other courses. The 'P' grade equates to 'C' or better work and will not be included in a student's GPA. No more than 25 percent of credits applied toward an associate degree or certificate can have a 'P' grade.

Academic Forgiveness: Grades displayed on the transcript beginning with an asterisk have been excluded from the GPA as a result of the student applying for and being granted Academic Forgiveness (for example, *F indicates that F was the original grade and has now been excluded from the GPA).

Repeating a Course: Whenever a course is repeated on a credit basis, the best grade and credits earned are used in computing the grade-point average. All entries remain a part of the permanent academic record.

Course Repeat Limits: Washtenaw Community College acknowledges that the Academic Intervention plan does not effectively address situations where a single course, rather than a complete program of study, has proven difficult for a student to finish successfully. In order to further encourage student success on all levels and to reasonably utilize public resources, the College sets forth the following Course Repeat Limits for all students, both those who are successful in a single course, and those who have not been successful in the course.

  1. The student may attempt a course for the first time at their own discretion providing they have met admission and prerequisite requirements.
  2. The student may attempt that course a second time at their own discretion.
  3. For the third attempt, the student must require permission via an online link in MyWCC.
  4. For any attempt beyond the third attempt, the student must do BOTH of the following:
    • Request permission via an online link in MyWCC, AND
    • If permission granted, pay a $200 per credit hour Repeat Course Fee (non-refundable) assessed in addition to the normal tuition and fees dictated by the student's residency status.

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