Student Connection

Connect Session

Students are invited to get oriented to campus by attending a Connect Session. These personalized sessions last about 30 minutes; it is suggested that all students complete all other items on their Applicant Checklist before attending a session. To attend a session, please be sure to bring a photo ID to Student Center 302 during any of the following open lab times:

Connect Session Lab Schedule

January 17 –April 29

Monday: 4pm-6:30pm
Tuesday: 2pm-4:30pm
Thursday: 9am-12:30pm
Friday: 11am-2:30pm

May 1-June 3

Monday: 4pm-6:30pm
Tuesday: 1pm-3:30pm
Wednesday: 9am-12:30pm
Friday: 11-2:30pm
Saturday: 9-12:30pm

June 5-August 25

Monday: 10-3:30pm
Tuesday: 12-6:30pm
Wednesday: 12-6:30pm
Thursday: 10-3:30pm
Friday: 11-2:30pm
Saturday: 9-12:30pm

No Connect Sessions Dates

Friday, April 28
Monday, May 29
Friday, June 16
Tuesday, July 4
Saturday, July 15
Saturday, Aug 26


Students should register for the day they would like to attend in their MyWCC on their Applicant Checklist. Additionally, these sessions are for students only; guests will be ask to kindly wait outside of the lab during this student experience. Parents are encouraged to attend a Parent Orientation instead.

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