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Paying Tuition

Pay your bill to keep your classes

After you register, satisfy your payment obligation by the deadline below to keep your place in class. Ways to meet your obligation are explained below. 

Learn about eBill and payments. View your bill online. Bills aren't mailed. (You can receive a mailed bill if you send a request to each semester.)

Payment Deadlines for all Winter 2019 Class Sessions

If You Register To Keep Your Classes, Pay By
November 7 to December 12 10:00pm, Thursday, December 13
Biweekly due dates begin January 8  
Register Thursday-Sunday Payment is due by 10:00pm on Tuesday
Register Monday-Wednesday  Payment is due by 10:00pm on Friday

How to check your account balance

After you register and check your schedule, click Account Summary by Term at the bottom of the MyWCC registration screen. Or login to Billing and Payments and click recent account activity under the Current Account Status heading on the Home tab. Your statement is only updated weekly.

Payment is defined by:

  • Paid in Full (Cash, Electronic or Paper Check, Credit Card)
  • Enrolled in the WCC ePayPlan
    • Learn about ePayPlan.
    • Already know you want to use ePayPlan? After you register for a credit class, log in to Billing and Payments and set up your plan.
  • Financial Aid authorized - check Financial Aid in MyWCC
    • Apply for your aid in advance to get it awarded by the payment deadline or make payment arrangements. See the Financial Aid website for details.
    • Login to the WCC Gateway, then go to MyWCC to check your financial aid status. If your Financial Aid has been authorized you will not be dropped from your classes.
    • If your Financial Aid, Scholarship, Veterans, Employer or Agency Payment is not authorized by the payment deadlines at the top of the page, you may spread your payments over the semester with the student payment plan, ePayPlan (if it works with your budget).
  • Third Party Authorization accepted by the Cashier's Office
  • High School Authorization to Pay
  • Emeritus Student Status
  • WCC Staff Status
    • Keep employee, spouse and dependent records current with Human Resources. Payment process runs each night.

Student Accounting

For receipt requests, information about tuition tax notification, and/or employer third party payment information, visit the Student Accounting website.

Additional Resources on how to Pay for College

Be sure to visit WCC's Cash Course site for more information and resources on paying for college and making informed financial decisions throughout your college years and beyond.

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