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Refund Policy

This page explains who is eligible for a refund if they drop a credit class. If you know that you are eligible, see Refund Procedure.

For information on refunds for non-credit classes, visit the Economic & Community Development website.

If you are seeking an exception to the policy, please fill out and submit a Refund Exception Form.

Refund Exception - Credit Classes.

Refunds are only processed after a student has officially dropped a class(es) or a class is cancelled by the College. If a class is officially dropped, a student is eligible for a refund of tuition as follows:

  1. The refund deadline for courses scheduled for 12 or more weeks will be the 12th calendar day of the session.
  2. The refund deadline for courses scheduled for sessions of two to eleven weeks will be one calendar day for each week the course is scheduled to meet, e.g., ten days for ten week courses, five days for five week courses, etc.
  3. The refund deadline for courses scheduled to meet in parts-of-term of less than two weeks in length will be before the first class meeting.
  4. If the refund deadline falls on a non-business day of the college, the refund deadline will be set as the next official business day.
  5. The refund deadline does not apply to course section changes or to instructor approved course level changes processed within a part-of-term.
  6. Students dropping and adding courses after the official refund deadline are not eligible for a refund and must pay the tuition for the added classes.
  7. A Refund Exception may be administratively granted.
  8. All fees except technology/enrollment fee are non-refundable.

Financial Aid Refund Policy

WCC is required by Federal regulation to calculate a refund for students who receive Federal aid and do not complete 60% of the semester. This refund process is called Return of Title IV. WCC’s complete Return of Title IV refund policy can be found here.

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