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Refund Procedure

This page explains how to receive a refund upon dropping a credit class if you are eligible to do so.

Visit the Refund Policy page for a description of who is eligible for a refund.

For information on refunds for non-credit classes, visit the Economic & Community Development website.

If you drop your credit hours by the refund deadline, WCC will issue a refund after that deadline.

If you paid by credit card, WCC will credit your card.

If you paid by electronic check or other means, Sign up for direct deposit or your check will be mailed.

Sign Up For Direct Deposit

  • Log in to MyWCC.
  • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
  • Choose Direct Deposit Student Refunds.
  • Click on HELP at the top of the Direct Deposit menu in MyWCC if you need help.
  • E-mail for more extensive help.
  • Sign up every academic year.

If your student account shows your refund was issued and you have not received it, please fill out the “Claim of Non-receipt” available online at Student Accounting web page or at the Cashier's Office.

Financial Aid Recipients

Financial Aid recipients should verify the status of their aid with Financial Aid Office approximately two weeks after making their final schedule change.

Student account information is available online at MyWCC (login required):

Option 1: View transactions on your student account by selecting Student Services, then Student Records and clicking on Account Summary.

Option 2: View your financial aid status (eligibility, awards, bookstore spending limit) by selecting Financial Aid.

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