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After You Register

Pay Your Bill to keep your seat. You are not done with the registration process until you pay your bill.

Read Your Schedule

Log in to MyWCC at any time to view your schedule. After getting in, click "Student Services and Financial Aid", then click "Student Schedule".

  • Check your schedule carefully as you are responsible for any information shown on it. Log in to MyWCC or visit the Student Connection to make changes.
  • Print your schedule if you make any changes. Close the browser for security when finished. The College does not usually mail student schedules. On campus, schedules may be printed in the Computer Commons on the 2nd floor of the Library. Take a dollar bill to get your first print card from the dispenser.

Get Your WCC Student ID Card

If you don't already have a WCC Student ID card, take your class schedule and a photo ID to the Security Office on second floor of the Student Center Building between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm on weekdays to get your WCC Student ID card. The first one is free.

Attend Class

We expect you to attend all meetings of the classes for which you register. Regular class attendance is necessary for maximum success in college. If you don't attend class:

  • If you can't take a class, you should drop the class by the Last Day to Drop. If you just quit coming to class but don't drop it, you will still owe the College for tuition and fees.
  • Instructors are allowed to drop students who do not participate academically at the start of the semester (the student receives a tuition refund). For on-site classes, instructors may drop students who miss the first two class meetings. For College on Demand classes, instructors may drop students who do not participate academically in Blackboard sessions and/or do not respond to emails within the first week of the semester. Blended courses apply a combination of the above situations.
  • In the event of excessive absence or tardiness, individual instructors determine whether the quality of work has been adversely affected and, if warranted, might withdraw students midway through the semester.

Changing Your Schedule: Change, Add, Drop, & Withdraw

You may change your schedule in the following ways:

  • Change sections of a class, which involves adding the section to which you would like to change and then dropping the section that you no longer want.
  • Add a Class
  • Drop a Class
  • Withdraw from a class, which is "dropping" after the Last Day to Drop. See the Drop a Class information.

We encourage you to discuss section changes, adds, drops, and withdraws with instructors or counselors. Print and retain copies of your final schedule until final grades or refunds are received.

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