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Prepare to Register

Once you have completed your checklist and been admitted to WCC, check to see if you are ready to register. To make your registration process smoother, review the following information:

Find out if you have the Prerequisites for the class(es) you want to register for

If a class has a prerequisite, you must have met the prerequisite before you can register for the class. If a class has a co-requisite, (usually a lab or some similar class) you must register for the co-requisite at the same time as you register for the class. Prerequisites and co-requisites for a class are on the class schedule. Visit the Prerequisites and Co-requisites web page for details.

Resolve any holds before registration begins

A hold on your record will prevent you from registering for classes. Holds can be academic, financial or simply be a need to turn in necessary paperwork. All holds need to be resolved before you can register for classes. Log in to My WCC to see if you have any holds. Find out how to clear any hold(s) on the Holds web page. Clear up holds early, otherwise the classes you want might fill up before you are able to register.

Plan Ahead to Pay

It is a good idea to figure out your payment arrangements in advance of registering for classes. You must pay for your classes by the payment deadline in order to keep your classes. No exceptions. Non-payment of your account balance may result in your classes being dropped.

Activate Your WCC Email Now

Activate Your Student Email now, if you haven't already done so. This will shorten your registration time, as all students will be asked to do this at registration if they have not done it in advance.

Check and Read Your WCC Email

Check and Read your email often: information about your classes, payment deadlines and registration as well as other important WCC news are sent to your WCC email account only, not via U.S. mail.

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