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Board of Trustees

Meet The Board Members

Dr. Richard J. Landau, Chair

Ms. Diana McKnight-Morton, Vice Chair

Ms. Christina M. H. Fleming, Secretary

Mr. Dave DeVarti, Trustee

Dr. Stephen J. Gill, Trustee

Ms. Ruth A. Hatcher, Trustee

Dr. Dilip Das, Trustee

Past Board of Trustees Members

Years Served Name
2004-2015 Pamela J. Horiszny
2011-2014 Patrick McLean
2007-2014 Anne M. Williams
2009-2014 Mark Freeman
1975-2008 Richard W. Bailey
2003-2006 Jerry Jernigan
1966-1992 Anthony J. Procassini
1967-1968 J. Douglas Cook
1967-1970 Robert G. Forman
1969-1972 William J. Bott
1971-1976 Phillip G. Wells
1971-1976 David V. Heebink
1972-1974 Robert C. Ressler
1973-1978 William M. Broucek
1973-1978 Sally Buxton
1973-1984 Ann C. Kettles
1975 William Mays, Jr.
1976 Fulton B. Eaglin
1977-1980 Judy Shelton
1977-1982 Henry S. Landau
1977-1982 Richard L. Boyd
1977-1996 James W. Anderson
1981-1991 Vanzetti M. Hamilton
1983-1987 John W. Corey
1983-1987 Susan M. Madley
1983 James B. Gilligan, Jr.
1985-1990 Marcia Harrison-Harris
1987-1994 Nancy N. Margolis
1987-2000 R. Griffith McDonald
1991-1996 Mary Claire Anhut
1991-1998 Ruth H. Moorman
1993-1998 William J. Davis
1999-2004 Mary E. Branch
2004-2005 Roger Lane
1999-2005 Mary Schroer
1997-2002 Harry J. Konschuh

First Board of Trustees

Years Served Name
1965-1970 Ralph Wenrich
1965-1966 Samuel Harmon
1965-1972 Edward Adams
1965-1972 Evart Ardis
1965-1966 Kenneth Yourd
1965-1973 Richard Creal

Getting Here

Our main campus is located at 4800 E. Huron River Drive in Ann Arbor. Get directions to it and our other locations by clicking the map.

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