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The E-Marketing Certificate program combines social media marketing tools and techniques with basic skills in photo/video and creating a web presence that are critical to effective online marketing for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The number of classes and hours that each student chooses to take to earn the certificate vary, beyond the minimum requirements. The classes and hours that students complete will be printed on the back of the certificate to document the individual programs they built.


You must take all four required E-Marketing classes (12 hours) plus one elective E-Marketing class. The required classes are:

  • E-Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofit Organizations
  • E-Marketing: Social Media Best Practices
  • E-Marketing: Grow Your Business with LinkedIn
  • E-Marketing: Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

You then pursue one of two paths to complete your certificate:

  • Blogs, content management, website classes: Minimum of 12 hours
  • Images and video classes: Minimum of eight hours

Credit for completing a class is granted for full attendance. Exceptions will be considered based on instructor discretion.

The following documents provide more information:

The content of existing courses will be updated as technologies and trends change. New courses will be added as appropriate.

Two-Year Limit

Due to the ever-changing nature of this field, students must complete their certificate within two years.

To obtain the certificate, students must submit the application form. Full attendance for each class listed will be verified and a certificate will be generated. Allow two to four weeks for verification and processing.

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