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Workforce Development

Customized Training

Training Solutions

Businesses are often confronted with a wide range of employee training and development needs that are unique to them. We’re skilled in developing customized training that aligns with these distinct needs and budgetary circumstances.

Our approach begins with creating a sound understanding of the characteristics and goals of your business. With this understanding, our business experts:

  • Conduct a systematic diagnosis
  • Provide targeted consultation
  • Work with you to create a solution

Our personalized training services include a wide range of approaches, from short-term skills-building courses with specified outcomes to professional certifications to incremental employee/leadership development.

Organization Development Consultation

WCC’s Workforce Development Department offers a full range of organization development consultation services and customized training designed to help your company navigate competitive waters successfully. Organization assessments, strategic planning, change management, leadership development, executive coaching, recruitment tools, high performance work teams, and employee engagement are a few services provided by our highly experienced consulting team.

Workforce Assessments

Companies often expend valuable resources identifying, assessing, interviewing, and selecting job applicants. Our efficient Workforce Assessment tools help clients pre-select viable job applicants and reduce the costs of the typical hiring process. They are not designed to replace your recruiting and selection processes, but rather to augment them and increase the efficiency of a good client-based hiring system.

Our Workforce Assessments are also used by our clients for incumbent worker assessment, which helps maximize the client’s employee training ROI through targeted job skill assessments. The identification of the skill requirements of your specific jobs is among a number of application options.

Through our systematic job analysis capability, we’re able to determine the skills required by your specific job classifications. Once this critical assessment is completed, we create training designed to help you bridge the gaps between your job requirements and your incumbent worker skill sets.


For more information or to see how we can assist you, please contact us today at 734-973-3681 or workforce-development@wccnet.edu

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