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Stay competitive: Learn the Best Uses of Online and Social Media Marketing

Creating an online strategy that’s ideal for your audience while maximizing your return on investment can be a challenge. Today’s marketers are expected to be competent in a variety of skills, including analytics, copywriting, digital media, and more.

WCC’s e-marketing and social media marketing programs help you gain the necessary skills to keep yourself relevant in a changing market and build a successful career in the digital marketing space.

WCC offers two digital marketing paths: E-marketing and Social Media Marketing.


E-marketing series

Discover the best way to use digital marketing to create successful strategies for your organization. The E-Marketing Series will help you:

  • Build your knowledge of the most effective social media channels and tools 
  • Explore how to effectively include engaging and purposeful images and video 
  • Gain an understanding of how to include social media into your marketing strategy 
  • Learn how to manage your web presence to increase and maintain your customer base 

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Social media marketing series

The Social Media Marketing Series picks up where the E-Marketing Series leaves off. Use knowledge from your E-marketing classes and a few additional topics to complete a capstone project for the Social Media Marketing Series.

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