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Nurse Refresher Course

Nursing is a high growth, high demand industry where wages remain relatively high. Increasingly, employment opportunities for nurses are found not only in clinical settings but in community, educational, and managerial positions due to projected retirements of practicing nurses and an aging population with a higher demand for health care services.

In addition to dedication to providing excellent patient care, nurses in today’s health care system should possess an ability to think critically, a caring nature, a sense of self confidence, and knowledge of how to present themselves professionally, and possess the ability to function independently, yet collaboratively, within the health care team. Designed to improve clinical decision making in today’s real-world nursing care, our Nurse Refresher course offers three levels to choose from:

  • Level 1: All online and set in an interactive virtual hospital with adult patients experiencing medical-surgical problems. Work with multiple, complex, adult patient simulations whose health status’s change over time in the interactive, virtual hospital. As an active participant, you will collect, analyze and interpret patient data from a variety of sources including videos of real nurses assessing patients, MARS, patient charts, and EHRs. Readings from the text prepare you for each virtual clinical and individualized feedback from our instructor after each lesson enhances your experience.
  • Level 2: Includes the Level 1 online, interactive, virtual hospital plus hands-on nursing skills lab practice, skills validation and hands-on patient care in our state of the art high-fidelity simulation lab;
  • Level 3: Includes all components of Levels 1 & 2 plus a 90-hour, precepted clinical at a local long-term/skilled nursing care facility (some restrictions apply).

Please download our list of prerequisites, course expectations, list of computer requirements, a printable brochure and the questionnaire/application before registering for this course.

Phlebotomy Skills

Phlebotomists are highly specialized medical and clinical laboratory technicians who have the important responsibility of collecting blood specimens from patients in clinics, hospitals, and their homes.

Phlebotomists must be accurate and excellent communicators, empathetic, detail oriented, set high standards for themselves, and be deeply committed to quality health care delivery.

We offer a blended (online and on campus lab-based) accelerated course for persons with previous healthcare training or on-the-job patient-care experience.

Please download our list of prerequisites, course expectations and important information before registering for this class.

Medical Coding Fundamentals & Certification

Looking for a new career? Are you detail oriented, accurate and an excellent communicator? Or are you already working as a Coder and deeply committed to quality healthcare delivery; set high standards for yourself and desire certification to demonstrate your expertise? Certified Professional Coders (CPC) are in demand and employment of medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase this decade by 21% nationwide! As a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) you will play an important role in the medical records and healthcare system reimbursement/payment system by interpreting medical record information and choosing the correct codes for services rendered at a physician's office, hospital clinic, surgical center, or other ambulatory care provider. A positive and professional attitude, certification, and excellent communication skills are extremely desirable in today's job market. Homework, quizzes, real world cases, charts, and practice exercises combine to make this a course highly motivated persons can complete quickly and confidently. On-line practice exams, course books, American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) membership and the CPC examination are all included.

Please download our prerequisites and course expectations before registering for this course.

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