Workforce Development

Workforce Development

MIOSHA Safety Classes for Construction

Washtenaw Community College offers safety and health training classes designed specifically for the construction industry. Invest in your future or the future of your company.

Register for these classes today:

February 24-25, 2016: Construction 10-hour Course

This 10-hour training presents an overview of MIOSHA regulations for the construction industry. In this course, you will learn how to develop an accident prevention plan as required by Rule 114 of MIOSHA Construction Safety Standard Part 1, General Rules. You’ll  also gain an understanding of construction and health standards relative to the industry, ways to recognize hazards and safe work practices to eliminate or control those hazards.

March 23, 2016: Lifting and Digging Equipment: Construction Cranes and Rigging

In this class you will review the rules regarding crane assembly and disassembly, inspections, safe operation, power line safety, and required training, certifications and qualifications. You will gain an understanding of current best practices and regulatory changes with emphasis on recognizing hazards and complying with the recent revision to the Part 10 standard.

June 8, 2016: Asbestos and Lead Awareness

In this combined training class, you will learn about asbestos and lead in their various forms and uses. Training also includes information on the health effects associated with asbestos and lead exposure and how to protect against them.


These classes count toward MIOSHA Training Institute credit.

For more information contact Eszter Cukor at or call 734-677-5060.

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