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Welcome to Online Orientation

Attending Washtenaw Community College is an adventure. It may not rank with trekking the Amazon rainforest, but it has similarities. You’ll

  • have new experiences
  • face new challenges
  • learn new skills
  • make new friends

And maybe get a better fix on who you are along the way.

In this online orientation we’ll tell you about all kinds of opportunities that WCC offers, both inside and outside the classroom. We’ll also give you the nitty gritty about things like

  • taking placement tests
  • choosing classes
  • registering
  • paying tuition
  • getting help with everything from mastering your schoolwork to choosing a career

We’ve designed this orientation for WCC applicants. If you’re an applicant, you need to set up your netID account before you can start orientation.

We Want You

WCC is an open-door institution. If you graduated from high school, have a GED certificate, or are at least 18 and you want to learn, you’re welcome at WCC.

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