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Why WCC?

You made a great decision when you chose WCC for college because we offer

  • excellent academic classes
  • strong occupational training
  • state-of-the-art facilities
  • affordable tuition
  • dedicated instructors
  • small class sizes
  • convenient class schedules
  • easy transfers to four-year schools

We’re big enough to provide opportunities galore, but small enough that you get personal attention. And we’re a place where you’ll feel comfortable, no matter what your background may be. Be sure to watch the video on the right and hear from students why they chose WCC.

Student Voices

Hear why students chose WCC—and why they’re glad they did.

You need flash in order to see the below video.

¿Sabías que?

Now you know how to say Did You Know? in Spanish.

WCC is “one of the top automotive colleges in the country,” according to the April 2008 issue of Truckin’ magazine. “WCC is a rarity. Its teachers and students actually build high-end customs, hot-rods, and muscle cars from the ground up. Its clients include General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler…”

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