Retail SC Webinars

May 12, 2020 Washtenaw Community College

Are you curious about careers in retail and supply chain? If so, then plan to attend "Major Discoveries: Careers in Retail and Supply Chain" a webinar series for those who may be interested in these important business fields. Register for as many webinars as you like. Each webinar is presented by Retail and Supply Chain faculty, who will provide interesting facts about each field. Webinars will be held via Go To Meeting and are one hour in length, with time for you to get your questions answered.

Webinar Time: Wednesdays at 12 p.m.
Webinars are FREE.

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Webinar Information

Wednesday, June 3: Why can't I find toilet paper during the Pandemic?

Learn the importance of the supply chain field and why consumers are unable to find essential items such as toilet paper during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Presenter: Anthony Terry

Wednesday, June 10: Reinvent yourself during the Coronavirus.

If you're unemployed or concerned about job security, there's no better time to add to your skill set or explore new career options with a business degree or certificate.

Presenter: Doug Waters

Wednesday, June 17: Retail/Supply Chain is more than being a cashier.

Discover how retail and supply chain education can lead to successful careers in management, purchasing, planning, and more in these growing fields.

Presenter: Jason Dunlap

Wednesday, June 24: Global Supply Chain- Can we do it all in the U.S.?

COVID-19 has caused the U.S. to reevaluate where it gets supplies and manufactures finished goods. Is it really possible for the U.S. to get supplies and materials without going outside our border?

Presenter: Kalena Livingston