Apprenticeships for Employers

Does your organization need a proven solution to attract and retain talent? Consider creating an apprenticeship. Registered Apprenticeship through WCC can help you recruit, train and retain skilled talent for your organization.

Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • Creates a stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
  • Increases employee loyalty and retention.
  • Provides training that meets industry standards and unique needs of your organization.
  • Fosters a safer workplace due to safety training.
  • Transfers important knowledge from mentor to apprentice through on-the-job training.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact the Office of Apprenticeship for help to:

  • Determine if an apprenticeship program can help solve your staffing needs.
  • Understand your talent needs.
  • Align on apprenticeship requirements.

Facts About WCC Apprenticeships

  • WCC has been recognized by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) with a special status of Leader - Leaders of Excellence in Apprenticeship, Development, Education, and Research.
  • WCC has created more than 5,000 online courses for United Association (UA) instructors across the country, with 25,000 apprentices enrolled in these courses.
  • Three national trade unions – United Association, Ironworkers and Plasterers and Masons - hold their train-the-trainer programs at WCC each year.