Apprenticeships for Students

Get paid while you learn and gain job skills and knowledge. With WCC's apprenticeship programs, you can do just that. People of all ages can be apprentices and learn valuable skills, on-the-job training, and graduate with no college debt!

Why Apprenticeships?

Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • You'll earn a wage and receive pay increases as your skills develop.
  • Your employer pays for your college education.
  • You'll gain skills in your field through on-the-job training and classroom learning from industry experts.
  • You'll receive support and resources to help you succeed in school and at work
  • You earn an academic and nationally recognized credential

Who Can Be An Apprentice?

Anyone who wants to learn new skills or upgrade existing skills can be an apprentice, including:

  • High school students or recent graduates.
  • Career changers who need training in another industry.
  • Current workers looking to advance in their jobs.