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Live Online Corporate Training—To Boost Productivity and Profits

Washtenaw Community College works with business and industry to help advance their teams’ skills and performance. We offer training that can have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line while increasing employee job satisfaction, retention and engagement.

Developing your teams’ skills in these key areas will equip you with the talent you need to successfully take your business into the future:

  • Human Resource Management

    Make sure your human resource team has the tools to recruit and retain top talent and to properly onboard new hires.

  • Leadership & Management

    Help your leaders of tomorrow prepare for new responsibilities and challenges today.

  • Office Administration

    Ensure your administrative professionals have the right skills to create a well-run office, provide support and communicate effectively.

  • Soft Skills

    Develop high-performing teams that interact effectively, productively and professionally with one another.

  • Sales

    Improve the performance of your sales team and boost your bottom line.