Free College Day Sessions

In response to the concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19) – Washtenaw Community College has decided to cancel the spring Free College Day scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Ferraro at [email protected].

Free College Day

Saturday, April 4, 2020


Session One:
10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

 A Peek Into Portuguese - Learn To Converse In Portuguese

A Peek into Portuguese
How much of a foreign language can you learn in an hour? Come and try to speak a little Portuguese just for fun.
I will cover a few characteristics of the Portuguese language in comparison with English. Participants will have a chance to learn a few greetings and other simple phases in Portuguese.
Instructor: Rosangela Lawrence

Breathe Deep. The Power Of Yoga
[All ages, seniors]

Yoga for seniors and all others interested in an introduction to this practice.
Yoga in a chair for all ages and all physical conditions.
A gentle work out from head to feet.
Instructor: George Valenta

Dinosaurs Rule The World

Dinosaurs in 3D: An Evolutionary Success Story!
What do we currently know about dinosaurs? Were some of them warm-blooded and feathered? Are birds dinosaurs? How did they truly go extinct? Join WCC biology professor David A. Wooten for an informative and interactive session looking at what we know today about dinosaurs using 3D printed dinosaur skulls! This interactive lecture will show the most updated images and fossils of dinosaurs and other extinct species, as well as 3D printed models that patrons will be able to touch and feel. Take a journey back to a time when giant reptiles ruled our planet and look at how science is working to understand them and what they can teach us about ecology and evolution.
Instructor: David Wooten

Down On The Farm - How To Grow Farm Fresh Food And Start A Food Business

Entrepreneurship Center + Growing Hope = Resources for food entrepreneurs! (10-11)
Stop by the Entrepreneurship Center to learn about resources for food entrepreneurs and how to access a local incubator kitchen! Our partner, Growing Hope, a local community nonprofit, will be on hand to discuss its urban farm, how to sell at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market and how to apply to the kitchen. Stay for an Open House from 11:00am to 12:15pm!
Instructor: Kristin Gapske

It's A Plan! The Value Of Estate Planning

Estate Planning
Instructor: Virginia Cardwell

Psychology In Every Day Life. No More Psychobabble

Psychology has become part of our everyday language. We use terms like OCD to describe someone who needs their pens in a row. We use bipolar to describe someone who has quick mood changes. OCD and bipolar are both life changing disorders. This course is designed to gain a better understanding of "common psychological terms," what they truly mean and the disorders they are associated with. Hopefully, by the end of this session we will understand why we should be more careful using psychology terms in everyday speech.
Instructor: Elise Sampson

Save A Life! Adult CPR/AED

Instructor: Hira Dedhia

Secrets of Goal Setting for Personal Success

Secrets of Goal Setting for Personal Success
Learn how to examine your business and your role with a fresh perspective. Become a solution finder for your company and increase your personal value. Gain insight into the balance between business goals and personal goals in static and changing work environments.
Instructor: Rick Harkness

Seeing Is Believing. Growing Your Business With Video

Using Video to Grow Your Business
Video has become a popular method for businesses to connect with their customers. This session explores common techniques to build audience, different video types and formats, resources needed to create content, and additional items to consider in today's digital landscape.
Instructor: Eddie Fritz

Show And Tell. Explore The Children's Center
[Open House]

Children's Center Open House
The Children's Center will be open for visitors to explore a variety of hands-on science experiments which are favorites of our children. Come and see what the Children's Center has to offer, including some new activities and programs.
Instructor: Stacie Knox

Show Me The Money! - Achieve Your Financial Goals

Managing Finance with Excel
On average, each household with a credit card carries $8,398 in credit card debt ( Sixty percent of Americans will not be able to afford to take a vacation this year ( Whether you are trying to get out of debt or wanting to save for a vacation, this seminar will equip you with the template and skills to achieve or adjust your goals. We will be tackling your finances in this newly built Excel template so that you know exactly where your money is going. Understanding the flow of money equips you with the ability to adjust and improve your budget. Like tracking your food intake to lose weight, tracking your finances may help you drop the debt. Bring a USB drive to bring home the template worksheets.
Instructor: Matt DeMoss

The Sweet Smell Of Essential Oils

Every Day Uses for Essential Oils
Learn how essential oils can be used for whole body wellness by supporting your body systems & emotions. You will learn all about what essential oils are and how to safely use them in your everyday life.
Instructor: Michelle Meier

The Rhythm of Folk Music. Learn To Play With Spoons 

Learn the fundamentals of how to play a key folk percussion instrument – spoons!  All ages are welcome and no musical knowledge is needed. Please bring two spoons -- soup spoons work best.
Instructor: Zach Baker

Too Hot? Too Cold? Look Inside The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Lab

Let's Spring and Fall into reliable HVAC system
Skilled Trades/Construction/Automotive/HVAC
Instructor: Robert Carter

Session Two:
11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

A Modern Dance Experience
[All ages welcome]

A modern dance experience
A movement class that offers the opportunity to move creatively. Basic modern dance vocabulary will be utilized. This class should be fun with the emphasis on moving freely. All levels welcome. Workout clothes, dance shoes, sneakers or bare feet are suggested.
Instructor: Noonie Laurice Anderson

Entrepreneurship Center Open House

Join us for a free Open House at WCC's Entrepreneurship Center to see our co-working space and hear about how we help entrepreneurs!
Instructor: Kristin Gapske

Get Moving! It's Good For You

Move More to Feel Better
The physiological benefits of regular exercise are well-researched, undisputed and well-accepted, but what about the psychological benefits? Scientific research strongly indicates that moving our bodies can help us cope with stress, relieve anxiety and serve as an adjunct therapy for depression. Examine some recent scientific evidence and discover (or rediscover) how being physically active can enrich your body and your mind!
Instructor: Wanda Gunderson

Heatwave: How A Furnace Works And Its Components

Learn the ins and outs of how a furnace works.
Instructor: Brian Martindale

Let's Get Physical! Improving Fitness And Balance

Improving fitness and balance
Having fun while improving health and fitness. Exercises to improve balance and how to fall to reduce injury and ways to get up after falling.
Instructor: Mark A Harris

Look Around You, this is Tree Campus USA

An Urban Forest Amongst Us
Did you know WCC is one of the five college campuses in Michigan that is designated as a “Tree Campus USA”? The Arbor Day Foundation gives national recognition to college campuses which promote healthy urban forest management and engage the campus community in environmental stewardship. In this class, learn about WCC's tree preservation and management efforts that the Landscape & Grounds Department uses to preserve our campus trees.
Instructor: Donna Reincke

Non-conforming Gender & Queerness In Children's Book

Non-Conforming Gender & Queerness in Children's Books
Instructor: Mary Mullalond

Save A Life! Adult CPR/AED

Instructor: Hira Dedhia

Show And Tell. Explore The Children's Center
[Open House]

Children's Center Open House
The Children's Center will be open for visitors to explore a variety of hands-on science experiments which are favorites of our children. Come and see what the Children's Center has to offer, including some new activities and programs.
Instructor: Stacie Knox

Stop, Look & Listen. How To Protect Yourself.

Traditional and no-tradititonal Personal Safety Measures
Instructor: Kevin Lindsey

The Art Of Improvisation

Improv Yourself! Improvisational Acting
Music/Performing Arts
Instructor: Tracy Jaffe

Session Three:
12:45 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Adobe After Effects Crash Course

Curious about animation? Adobe After Effects has been an industry standard in creating motion graphics and visual effects. Learn about the principles of animation, navigating the interface, using keyframes on different properties, and sample additional techniques to explore. In this session, we get things moving on screen. Join us as we demystify this application.
Instructor: Eddie Fritz

Just What Is Mobility? Smart Technology Is Transforming How We Move.

New Classes in Applied Machine Learning, Mobility Analysis and Intelligent Transportation
In this session, you'll learn about exciting new classes in Applied Machine Learning, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Localization and Mobility Analysis. You'll also learn about ways that the College is creating a community around Mobility technology and about the College's participation in the USDOT funded Center for Connected and Automated Transportation.
Instructor: Neil Gudsen

Recovery Ally Training - How To Beat The Illness Of Addiction

Recovery Ally Training: How to Support People with Substance Use Disorders in our Community
This Recovery Ally Training will allow participants to understand the illness of addiction, how to talk about addiction without fostering stigma and judgment and how to support those in need of SUD treatment and those in addiction recovery.
Instructor: Teresa Herzog

Smart Cars/Smart Cities - How Connected Technology Is Changing Where We Live And Work

Workforce Training in Connected Vehicle Technologies
A new era of autonomous vehicles and smart cities is rapidly approaching, and it will require the deployment of robust and ubiquitous communications and data analytics systems in our communities. See how Washtenaw Community College is developing new workforce training to prepare the workforce for the build out of our connected and autonomous future.
Instructor: Neil Gudsen

Stay Connected! Networking In The Home & Office

Networking in the home or office
Instructor: William Reichert

Taste Test. Wines You Can't Find In The Grocery Store

Really Good Wines You Never Tried
This class is a shortened version of one I teach twice a year. It will feature two really good wines chosen from the hundreds I have tasted recently; with emphasis on unique origins or varieties. Information will be included about why these wines are unique compared with typical supermarket wines. There will be lots of information as well about wine in general.
Instructor: David Creighton

We've Got The Beat! Jam With The WCC Combo

WCC Jazz Combo Demonstration and Jam Session
The WCC Jazz Combo class (MUS 105-106) provides a place for students to learn more about jazz history, chart reading and various styles of jazz music (swing, Latin, Be-Bop, fusion). Current jazz combo students as well as alumni will be on hand to demonstrate some of the songs that the jazz class typically performs at our annual concerts. Free college attendees are encouraged to bring their instruments (or voices) and participate in an informal jam session which will follow the lecture and demonstrations.
Instructor: Steven Somers