Meet our Alumni : Rose Adler


Rose Adler

Figuring out where to go in life isn’t always an easy decision. Stumbling onto a life-changing career path only happens in the movies, right?

Growing up in Ypsilanti, 25-year-old Rose Adler wasn't sure what direction to take with her post-secondary career. "I wanted an affordable way to experiment with some classes and find out what I liked and what I wanted to do with my life," Adler said.

Long interested in 3D animation in movies, she decided to take a class to help her better understand the process.

"It was challenging and a lot of fun,"Adler said. "It was such a different experience getting to see something go from a bare-bones project into a full- fledged film. The classes were small, so I got to learn a lot from my peers as well."

Pursuing her dream

After graduating from the 3D Animation program at WCC in 2008, Adler transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects. Since then her work has appeared in big screen blockbusters The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Oz The Great and Powerful (2013) and Jinn (2014).

"It’s unreal to think that something I worked so hard on is up there on the screen and nested in this great film," said Adler. "It's really kind of an amazing experience."

Returning to her roots

Wanting to share her knowledge and experiences with others, Adler complements her freelance career as a part-time faculty member at WCC.

"It's surreal seeing these fresh students come into the program," said Adler. "I was in that seat not too long ago. I feel like I can really relate to what they are thinking and going through. Students come in here feeling like their work isn't good enough and I can tell them that I know how they feel. I felt the same way, but I made it. I did it and they can too."

And she credits WCC with getting her there.

"You don't understand what a great experience WCC offers you until you go on to another school and realize how well prepared you are. You leave the college with a good understanding of what you are going to head into in your industry."