BIO 161: General Biology I Ecology and Evolution

In this course, biology majors are given a detailed study of the concepts and evidence in evolutionary biology, an inclusive look at modern systematics and taxonomic organizations of all living organisms, an in-depth examination of the biological features (anatomy, physiology, and behavior) of all major groups of living things, and the application of these concepts into ecological systems. Basic concepts of genetics will also be covered. This course is part of a two course sequence which serves as a comprehensive, year-long sequence for biology majors which can be completed in any order.

Level I Prereq: cademic Reading and Writing Levels of 6; Academic Math Level 3; high school biology or high school chemistry or high school environmental science or BIO 101 or CEM 101 or ENV 101; minimum grade "C" all BIO, CEM, ENV and high school requirements

Class offerings by semester

Fall 2019 Winter 2020 SP/SU 2020
offered in the daytime offered in the daytime  

offered in the daytimeDay Class (before 5:00pm) offered at nighttimeEvening Class (after 5:00pm) offered online Online Class

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Description Hours
Credits  4
Lecture Hours 45
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 45
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 90
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