CMC 230: Laboratory Procedures for Medical Assistants

This class is no longer offered as of Winter 2020.

In this course, medical assisting students will gain practical experience in the collection and handling of various specimens in the laboratory. Students will perform and document test results such as: blood tests, ECG's and Spirometry. Lab activities performed may include obtaining cultures, basic microbe identification, routine urinalysis, hematology and other basic Non-CLIA lab testing. Students will practice skills such as: interviewing and educating patients and explaining test results. The title of this course was previously Laboratory Procedures.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6; Academic Math Level 3; Admission to the Medical Assisting program; BOS 185, CMC 114, CMC 116 and CMC 226, minimum grade "C+" in all courses


Description Hours
Credits 2
Lecture Hours 0
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 75
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 75
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