ELE 040: Residential Wiring

This class is no longer offered as of Winter 2020.

This course is a practical hands-on course that has been designed to help students better understand wiring techniques and safety considerations for dealing with a residential wiring system. A great deal of "hands-on" time is offered and is devoted to working with the wiring materials and constructing circuits of the type found in the home. Typical of the kinds of circuits that are discussed and wired by the student are: duplex outlet circuits, dimmer circuits, three and four-way switch circuits, CGI circuits, lawn and garden lighting circuits, electrical dryer and electric stove circuits. Grading is by the satisfactory/unsatisfactory system.

Level I Prereq: Academic Reading and Writing Levels of 6


Description Hours
Credits  2
Lecture Hours 0
Clinical Hours 0
Lab Hours 45
Other Hours 0
Total Hours 45
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