Associate in Applied Science:
Transfer/3+1 Program

This program is designed for students who are interested in transferring to Eastern Michigan University's Technology Management program. The curriculum provides the necessary foundation to meet the changing needs of management in the health field.

Career Outlook

Hourly wages for pharmacy technicians can vary greatly depending on the work site. Trends over the last few years in Washtenaw County have shown an increase in pharmacy technician wages due to the high demand for qualified individuals.

Retail chain stores, retail independent stores and long-term care pharmacists tend to have lower wages. Hospitals, home health care agencies, pharmacy software companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to have higher wages.

Recent Statistics:

Average hourly wage: $14.62 (approximately $30,410 annual)
(from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Annual Salaries (from

Pharmacy Technician I
National $31,978
Ann Arbor $33,347

Pharmacy Technician II
Ann Arbor $38,308

"It's enviable. Today's pharmacy students have virtually unlimited opportunities," says Lucinda Moore of the American Pharmaceutical Association. (Source: "Big Dose of Openings: Pharmacists Wanted" 12/18/2000)