2019-2020 Program Requirements for CPCTOM

Computed Tomography (CT) (CPCTOM)

Post-Associate Certificate


The Computed Tomography (CT) program is a post-associate advanced certificate program that is designed for registered radiologic technologists (ARRT), radiation therapists (ARRT), and nuclear medicine technologists (ARRT or NMTCB). This program offers the didactic and clinical experience that will provide students with the knowledge and skills that are required to become an entry-level computed tomography technologist. The curriculum is based on the recommended American Society of Radiologic Technology (ASRT) computed tomography guidelines. Upon successful completion of the Computed Tomography program, students are eligible to take the ARRT post-primary certification examination in computed tomography.

Admissions Requirements

Washtenaw Community College uses a limited enrollment process for admission to this program. Each year, approximately 12 students are accepted to the program for a Fall semester start. There are multiple requirements that must be completed prior to submitting an application for admission. For detailed information regarding admission to this health care program, please visit our Health Care website at health.wccnet.edu.

Prerequisite and program requirements along with WCC's point system and scales are reviewed annually and subject to change. Students are expected to meet the prerequisite and program requirements of the catalog term for the semester in which they first begin the program. Details regarding WCC's admissions process and to download the application can be found on WCC's Student Connection, Health and Second Tier Program information page.

Requirements for application are:
1. Admission to WCC.
2. Program prerequisite course:
a. Cross-sectional anatomy course from a JRCERT accredited college or hospital-based radiography program or RAD 223. Minimum grade of B/3.0.
3. Graduate of one (1) of the accredited programs below:
-Expected Spring/Summer graduate from WCC's Radiography program
4. Current American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) registration card showing primary certification in one (1) of the following areas:
-Radiography (R)
-Nuclear Medicine (N)
-Radiation Therapy (T)
-Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist (CNMT)
-Expected Spring/Summer graduate from WCC's Radiography program
5. Minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.0.
6. Signed Abilities Statement. WCC reserves the right to request, before and during the program, that students successfully demonstrate specific physical and cognitive abilities related to the program.
7. Residency verification.

Applying for Admission to the Program

A formal application and acceptance to the program is required. Application packets may be downloaded from WCC's Student Connection, Health and Second Tier Program information page. Completed and signed applications must be submitted during the dates indicated on the application to the Health and Second Tier Admissions Office in the Student Connection, located on the second floor of the Student Center Building.

WCC Radiography students who are currently enrolled in the final year of their program and expected to graduate in the Spring/Summer semester are given priority and may submit an incomplete program application during the application window. It is strongly recommended that WCC Radiography graduates schedule and sit for their ARRT Certification Examination within the two weeks following the completion of their program. Verification of all pending admission prerequisite requirements must be submitted within the deadline to be eligible to begin the program if accepted.

Requirement After Acceptance
Upon acceptance, students must purchase an account from a college-designated vendor to obtain a criminal background check and to track their health records. The criminal background check and health records must be submitted to the designated vendor. Specific information regarding the college-designated vendor, health records, and deadline dates will be provided at the mandatory orientation session.

Continuing Eligibility

1. Additional criminal background checks may be conducted at any time during the program. Students may be required to have drug testing as well as additional criminal background checks and/or fingerprinting prior to the start of a clinical sequence as requested by specific clinical facilities. Any student found to have a positive drug screen for drugs prohibited by State of Michigan or Federal law (including marijuana) or controlled substances will be dismissed from the program. Failure to receive an acceptable criminal background/fingerprinting at any time, will result in dismissal from the program.
2. Students will be required to attend a hospital orientation session prior to starting their clinical rotation.
3. Students will be required to submit health records annually while in the program and must complete any other health requirements as designated by the clinical sites.
4. Students will be required to purchase special uniforms and supplies throughout the duration of the program.
5. Students are required to demonstrate that they have maintained competency in all skills taught throughout their progression through the program. Failure to demonstrate continued competency will result in dismissal from the program.
6. All Computed Tomography (CT) courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C/2.0.
7. Students must have reliable transportation to clinical education sites, which may require a commute of up to on hour.
8. Students who are dismissed from the program may not be eligible to reapply to the program.

Contact Information

Health Sciences
Allied Health Department
William Nelson
James Skufis
Karolyn Lehn


(Items marked with an icon online icon are available online.)

Semester 1 (Fall)
Class   Title Minimum Credits
RAD 259   Introduction to Computed Tomography (CT) Instrumentation and Protocols 1
RAD 261   Patient Care in Computed Tomography (CT) 1
RAD 263   Practical Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging 3
RAD 265   Computed Tomography (CT) Clinical Education I 3
Total 8
Semester 2 (Winter)
Class   Title Minimum Credits
RAD 262   Principles of Computed Tomography (CT) 2
RAD 266   Advanced Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging 3
RAD 267   Computed Tomography (CT) Clinical Education II 3
Total 8
Total Credits Required