2019-2020 Program Requirements for AAHUST01H1

Human Services/EMU Bachelor of Social Work BSW (AAHUST01H1)

Associate Degree/3+1 Transfer


This program prepares students for a job as a substance abuse, hospice, case, psychiatric, or social services aide in settings such as schools, rehabilitation centers, and mental health clinics or as a staff member in a community/neighborhood center. The program provides skills students will need to work on a one-to-one basis or in groups to help people cope with problems. The program also prepares students to transfer to a bachelor's degree program where they will continue developing skills for a career in the field of social work at Eastern Michigan University. Students should check with an advisor for information on transferring.


Eastern Michigan University, Social Work BSW

Articulation Agreements

Contact Information

Humanities, Social & Behav Sci
Behavioral Sciences Department
Kristy Norris


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Class   Title Minimum Credits
    Complete a maximum of seventy-three credits at Washtenaw Community College as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 73
    Complete a minimum of fifty-one credits at Eastern Michigan University as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 0
Total 73
Total Credits Required