Post-Associate Certificate

This post-associate certificate program is designed for professionals interested in pursuing Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADC) certification through the State of Michigan. Courses focus on knowledge and skills necessary for working with clients with substance abuse disorders. This program will fulfill the educational requirements needed for CADC. Additional requirements for work experience and supervision must be met outside of this program.

Experience is defined as full or part-time experience using clinical skill for treatment of alcohol/drug use disorder clients at a program licensed to provide substance abuse services by the stat e of Michigan, or equivalent. The experience may be as a paid or volunteer employee and must be in the IC&RC/ADC Performance Domains and the Twelve Core Counseling Function.

Supervised Practical Training – 300 hours of direct supervision specific to the counseling of alcohol/drug use disorder clients (with a minimum of 10 hours in each Core Function)

Supervised Practical Training (Supervised Experience) is defined as a formal, systematic process that focuses on skill development and integration of knowledge. This training must take place in a setting where alcohol/drug use disorder treatment is being provided. Training must be specifically related to the IC&RC/ADC Performance domains including the Twelve Core Counseling Functions. This training must occur as part of eligible work experience and may be completed under more than one supervisor.

This is a high demand, high skill and high wage program as defined by the Michigan Community College Network.