2019-2020 Business Administration - Transfer (aabatr)

Business Administration - Transfer (aabatr)

Associate in Arts Degree

Program is also available online.


This program prepares students for transfer to a bachelor's of business administration degree program at a four-year college or university, where they will further improve their communication and interpersonal skills while developing a specialty in an area of business. Check with an advisor for information on transferring to a specific college.


Eastern Michigan University, BBA degree*;
Ferris State University, BS degree;
Northwood University, BBA degree;
Oakland University, BS degree;
University of Michigan-Flint, BA degree;
Walsh College, BA or BBA degree
Wayne State University, BS degree.

This program can meet the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). Students must have their transcripts certified for MTA completion by the WCC Student Records Office.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: www.wccnet.edu/curriculum/articulation/levelone/colleges/.

Admissions Requirements

Students must have:
- Academic Math Level of 3 to enroll in MTH 125 and MTH 160
- Academic Math Level of 4 to enroll in MTH 176 or MTH 181

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Business Department
Julianne Davies
Douglas Waters


(Items marked with an icon online icon are available online.)

First Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
BMG 140   Introduction to Business 3
ENG 111   Composition I 4
MTH 125 or Everyday College Math  
MTH 160 or Basic Statistics  
MTH 176 or College Algebra  
MTH 181   Mathematical Analysis I 4
Elective(s)   Natural Sciences 3
Total 14
Second Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ACC 111   Principles of Accounting I 3
BMG 207   Business Communication 3
CIS 110   Introduction to Computer Information Systems 3
Elective(s)   Writing/Composition or Communication 3
Elective(s)   Arts and Humanities 3
Total 15
Third Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ACC 122   Principles of Accounting II 3
BMG 111   Business Law I 3
BMG 265   Business Statistics 3
ECO 211   Principles of Economics I 3
Elective(s)   Social and Behavioral Science 2 3
Total 15
Fourth Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ECO 222   Principles of Economics II 3
Elective(s)   Natural Sciences with Lab 3
Elective(s)   Arts and Humanities 2 3
    Electives to reach a minimum of 60 credits. It is recommended students complete one or more of the following: BMG 181, BMG 230, BMG 250. ** 7
Total 16
Total Credits Required


 *See the MTA list to make course selections from any discipline except ECO.
**Check the requirements of the program and college to which you are transferring.