2018-2019 Program Requirements for CTSCO

Supply Chain Operations (CTSCO)


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Students who complete this certificate will be knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic employees who can effectively perform in a supply chain setting which involves coordinating suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to ensure that products and services are available to the final consumer in a timely and cost-effective fashion while maintaining the service level customers demand. As part of the program, students will be ready to take the tests needed to receive their CLA (Certified Logistics Associate) and CLT (Certified Logistics Technician) industry certifications.

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Anthony Terry


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
BMG 181   Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
BMG 182   Warehousing and Logistics 3
BMG 226   Transportation and Logistics 3
BMG 228   Purchasing and Inventory Control 3
BMG 275   Business and Supply Chain Analytics 4
Total 16
Total Credits Required