2017-2018 Program Requirements ASCSPJ02C1

Computer Sci: Prog in Java/Davenport Computer Info. Systems: Programming BS (ASCSPJ02C1)

Associate Degree/3+1 Transfer


This program is designed for transfer to Davenport University. Students can obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Students will develop a broad range of computer programming skills. Students will learn to work with corporate management and subject matter experts to analyze information needs and determine ways in which computer systems can be used to meet those needs. Students should check with an advisor for information on transferring.


Davenport University, Computer Information Systems (Programming) BS

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Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Computer Instruction Dept
Clarence Hasselbach
Khaled Mansour


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Class   Title Minimum Credits
    Complete a maximum of sixty-four credits at Washtenaw Community College as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 64
    Complete a minimum of sixty-nine credits at Davenport University as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 0
Total 64
Total Credits Required