Computer Networking Academy I (CVCNA1)

Advanced Certificate

This Cisco Networking Academy program prepares students for a job as a network technician where they will install, configure, and troubleshoot Local Area Networks under the supervision of a network administrator.  The focus is placed on cabling systems, internetworking hardware, and network and internetworking protocols, both LAN and WAN.  This program also gives the students a strong foundation in their preparation for passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate Examination.

The four main areas of this program are:

  • Introduction to Networks
  • Routing and Switching Essentials
  • Scaling Networks
  • Connecting Networks

The program is structured for students who:

  • desire a foundation in the concepts leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate Examination.
  • are already certified and want to enhance their knowledge with the latest in Networking hardware, (Routers and Switches) and their associated operating systems.
  • want the foundation skills necessary to obtain an entry level job in the Networking Field.
  • want to obtain the Associate Degree (APCSN) associated with this program and additionally, if desired, transfer to a four year school.


  • Earn this advanced certificate in two semesters.
  • Work towards the Associate Degree (APCSN) of which this certificate is part of.
  • Use the APCSN Associate Degree for a direct transfer to Eastern Michigan’s Technology Management Program.

Admission Requirements

Completion of the Computer Systems Technology (CTCSTC) is recommended for those limited experience with Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, and Networking.

This is a high demand, high skill and high wage program as defined by the Michigan Community College Network.

Career Outlook in Michigan

74,480Median Earnings

470Annual Job Openings

7% 10 Year Employment Growth

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103,479Median Earnings

226Annual Job Openings

4% 10 Year Employment Growth

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46,906Median Earnings

1633Annual Job Openings

7% 10 Year Employment Growth

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56,848Median Earnings

269Annual Job Openings

10% 10 Year Employment Growth

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2017-18 | 2018-19 | 2019-20

Program is also available online.

2019-2020 Academic Requirements

Business/Computer Technologies
Computer Instruction Dept
Michael Galea
James Lewis
Roland Meade
John Trame
(Items marked with an icon online icon are available online.)
Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CNT 206   Introduction to Networks 4
CNT 216   Routing and Switching Essentials 4
CNT 226   Scaling Networks 4
CNT 236   Connecting Networks 4
Total 16
Total Credits Required