2019-2020 Program Requirements for CVWDPP

Web Database Programming Professional (CVWDPP)

Advanced Certificate


This program focuses on the development of web databases and e-commerce applications. The coursework emphasizes server-side programming and is intended for students with strong programming background. Students will be exposed to a professional team programming exercise. If a student needs exposure to front-end web development, a certificate in the Web Design and Development discipline should be considered.

Admissions Requirements

Completion of CPS 161 or CPS 171 with a minimum grade of "B-" or instructor consent.

Applying for Admission to the Program

Academic Math Level 3 is required to enroll in CPS 161.

Contact Information

Business/Computer Technologies
Computer Instruction Dept
Khaled Mansour


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
CPS 276   Web Programming Using Apache, MySQL, and PHP 4
CPS 278   Java Server Programming 4
CPS 298   Professional Team Programming 4
CIS 282 or Database Principles and Application *  
WEB 230   Advanced JavaScript 3-4
    Elective(s) Any 100-level or above course to bring the total credits to a minimum of 16. * 1
Total 16
Total Credits Required


*Students who select CIS 282 must take one (1) additional credit to reach 16 credits.