2019-2020 Broadcast Media Arts (CTBCAC)



The Broadcast Media Arts certificate gives students training in the realm of radio, including live production, editing, vocal delivery and scriptwriting. These skills set the groundwork for a career in radio and highlight training for other fields including voice-over work, broadcast journalism, public relations, marketing and promotions, advertising and media production. This certificate prepares students who are career-track minded and looking to go directly into the field, along with those who are planning to complete further studies.

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Humanities, Social & Behav Sci
Communications, Media &Theatre
Dena Blair


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
COM 150   Introduction to Radio Production 3
COM 155   Scriptwriting for Broadcast Arts 3
COM 160   Voice and Articulation 3
COM 170   Advanced Radio Production 3
Total 12
Total Credits Required