Digital Video Production (CTDVPC)


The certificate program prepares students for positions in companies and organizations who are focused on developing video material for web, commercials, documentary, educational, instructional and artistic content. The program provides instruction covering all facets of video production and post-production. Students acquire skills utilizing a range of software applications.

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2020-2021 Academic Requirements

This program prepares students for entry-level media production positions in organizations where they will create digitized video productions for the Web and other presentation forms that may be used for informational, documentary, instructional, commercial, artistic, or other purposes. The program provides instruction in all facets of video production from program design to hands-on recording through the editing process. Students also gain skills in the use of computer software applications.
Eastern Michigan University, BS degree.

Copies can be obtained from the Counseling Office, a program advisor, or from the Curriculum and Assessment Office Web site: Articulation Agreements.

A high school Macintosh-based course, or GDT 105 with a "C-" or better, or instructor permission is recommended.

Business/Computer Technologies
Digital Media Arts Dept
Matthew Zacharias
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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
VID 105   Foundations in Digital Video I 4
VID 125   Foundations in Digital Video II 4
VID 203   Commercial Video Production 3
VID 255   Green Screen I 3
VID 270   Documentary Video Production I 3
VID 276   Video Graphics I 3
Total 20
Total Credits Required