2018-2019 Technical Communication (CTTC)

Technical Communication (CTTC)



As a fast-track program for career changers or a foundational program for first time professionals, this program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for writing end-user documentation such as printed manuals, online help systems and screencast training modules. Using tools of the technical communication profession, the student will develop skill in audience analysis; tutorial, procedure and reference guide writing; project management; document design; and usability testing. Designed to provide the student with practical and theoretical principles of technical communication, the program prepares students for employment in a wide variety of opportunities in the field. To this end, students will also learn how to conduct a formal job search and create professional portfolios to better compete for jobs. Those without previous college experience can use this certificate to seek work as interns and in co-op positions in technical communication while pursuing the Associate in Arts Degree in Technical Communication.

Admissions Requirements

Basic computer literacy.

Contact Information

Humanities, Social & Behav Sci
English & College Readiness
Lisa Veasey


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ENG 107   Technical Writing Fundamentals * 3
ENG 208   Technical Writing for Print Delivery 3
ENG 209   Technical Writing for Online Delivery 3
ENG 218   Technical Writing for eLearning 3
ENG 245   Job Search Success Seminar 2
    Select one GDT course from the following: GDT 104, GDT 106, GDT 107 or GDT 108 3
    Select one WEB course from the following: WEB 110, WEB 113 or WEB 115 3
Total 20
Total Credits Required


*Students with equivalent coursework/experience are encouraged to contact the program advisor for appropriate course placement.