2018-2019 Fine and Performing Arts (CTFPA)

Fine and Performing Arts (CTFPA)



In this program, students are given the opportunity to develop and refine the skills used in their craft. The student's career plans are enriched through the opportunity to develop a plan for self-management. Together, these two areas will help students determine their short-and-long term career goals.

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Humanities, Social & Behav Sci
Performing Arts Dept
Allison Fournier


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
ART 130 or Art Appreciation  
ART 131 or Art Appreciation through Art Museum Experiences  
MUS 180   Music Appreciation: Our Musical World 3
ART 285 or Self-Management for Working Artists  
MUS 285   Self Management for Working Artists 3
    Choose nine credits from a single discipline in either ART, DAN*, DRA or MUS* 9
Total 15
Total Credits Required


*Credit for courses that can be repeated for credit will be counted only two times toward the minimum of nine credits, regardless of the number of times the course can be repeated.