2017-2018 Program Requirements CTMBC

Medical Billing and Coding (CTMBC)



In this program, students will develop comprehensive skills in classifying, coding, reporting, analyzing and managing medical data for both physician's office and large healthcare facility settings. Students will also learn how to code and process claims for reimbursement for multiple healthcare environments, and learn about pertinent laws, regulations, and compliance issues affecting healthcare information management and privacy. Upon completion of this program, students may be eligible to take the AHIMA CCA, CCS and CCS-P coding exams. This program is not an AAMA certification preparation program.

Admissions Requirements

BIO 109 or BIO 111 and HSC 124 with a C minimum grade requirement.

Continuing Eligibility

All courses must be completed with a GPA of 2.0 or better.

Contact Information

Health Sciences
Allied Health Department
Susan Travis


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
BIO 109 or Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology  
BIO 111   Anatomy and Physiology - Normal Structure and Function 4 - 5
HSC 124   Medical Terminology 3
Total 7 - 8
First Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
MBC 185   Medical Computer Skills and Electronic Health Records 3
MBC 205   Introductory ICD Coding 3
MBC 215   Introductory Procedural Coding 3
MBC 223   Medical Office Procedures 3
Total 12
Second Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
MBC 210   Intermediate/Advanced ICD Coding 3
MBC 220   Intermediate/Advanced Procedural Coding 3
MBC 224   Medical Insurance and Reimbursement 4
Total 10
Third Semester
Class   Title Minimum Credits
MBC 250   Medical Coding Practicum 3
Total 3
Total Credits Required
32 - 33