2018-2019 Construction Management/EMU Construction Management BS (AACMG01S1)

Construction Management/EMU Construction Management BS (AACMG01S1)

Associate Degree/3+1 Transfer


The program prepares students to transfer into a bachelor's of construction management degree at Eastern Michigan University. Students who transfer will continue developing the skills needed to work for construction contractors, engineering/architectural firms, public agencies, or trade associations in positions such as office engineer, field engineer, safety engineer, project engineer, foreman, estimator, scheduler, expeditor, quality control engineer, inspector, material representative or independent contractor. Requirements vary by college, so students should obtain the current curriculum for the college to which they are transferring.


Eastern Michigan University, Construction Management BS

Articulation Agreements

Contact Information

Math-Science-Engineering Tech
Construction Institute Dept
Cristy Lindemann
Jerrell McCowin


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Class   Title Minimum Credits
    Complete a maximum of seventy-five credits at Washtenaw Community College as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 75
    Complete a minimum of forty-nine credits at Eastern Michigan University as outlined on the Articulation Agreement. 0
Total 75
Total Credits Required