2017-2018 Program Requirements CTEDT

Engineering and Design Technology (CTEDT)



The Engineering Design Technology program prepares students to create and design products using engineering software and production methods used in today's growing global economy. Students will be introduced to product design processes and engineering and design technology concepts. Using various software tools, students will experiment with design concepts as a mean to developing unique products for the construction, automotive or other production industries. Hands-on experience with design-appropriate materials will round out the development process.

Continuing Eligibility

Students must earn a "C" or better in all courses.

Contact Information

Math-Science-Engineering Tech
Construction Institute Dept
Cristy Lindemann
Julie N. (Niki) Lee


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Major/Area Requirements
Class   Title Minimum Credits
    Restricted Elective: art, manufacturing, welding, woodworking or other department approved course. 3 - 4
CMG 125   Introduction to Engineering Design Technology 4
EGT 100   Introduction to Product Design 3
EGT 125   Advanced Engineering Design Technology 3
EGT 150   Engineering Design Technology Material Science 3
EGT 175   Engineering Design Technology Material Processing 3
Total 19 - 20
Total Credits Required
19 - 20