Associate in Science

In the Exercise Science program you will learn the science involved in physical activity, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and weight control. ASESCI prepares you for entry-level employment in health and fitness-related occupations. ASESCI also prepares you for the ACSM certification exams for personal trainer and/or health and fitness instructor. And, ASESCI will get you ready to transfer to a 4-year college or university to complete a degree in fields such as sports medicine, exercise science, kinesiology, movement science or physical education.

Career Outlook

Exercise Science students who transfer to 4-year colleges or universities (and in some cases go beyond the 4-year degree) find employment in a wide variety of fields. These include physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, research scientist, fitness manager, worksite wellness coordinator, exercise specialist, cardiac rehabilitation, coach, physical education teacher, and other exercise-related positions.